For Everything There Is a Season…

June 2018The month of June is a month of transition where we pray for Norman and Karen as they move to St. Paul’s UMC in Staunton and as we welcome Yunho and Joungwon Eo to Laurel Hill.  Also, please pray for our Annual Conference in Hampton, June 15 – 17 in Hampton, VA.

Meanwhile, here is our June newsletter and Calendar.

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May God Give Us A New Season of Grace

MayChanges are filling our lives right now.  We know a change in pastors is coming as we get ready to welcome Reverend Dr. Yunho Eo next month.  That means Karen and Norman are also changing appointments.

The seasons are changing as the days warm and lengthen.  Keep up with all the changes as you explore our monthly newsletter and Calendar.

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Commission on the Way Forward

The Richmond District is offering this excellent opportunity:  Act Now! Call the church office (804-795-2772) and reserve your seat. Deadline is April 25th.

Commission on Way Forward

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Walking in the Power of the Resurrection!

HeisrisenMake the simple but powerful choice to trust Jesus.  Follow along with Jesus as you support the ministries of Laurel Hill with your “prayers, presence, gifts, and service.” Here is the April newsletter and calendar.

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March On towards Easter!

Lent4I pray God is working in you in powerful and personal ways during this season of Lent.  Let’s look forward to what God is doing in our midst during the month of March in Laurel Hill’s newsletter and  Calendar.

We have a special season of Sunday Evening Bible Study times together beginning March 11th at 3PM, starting at the parsonage.  I invite you to come join us as we watch the film, “Is Genesis History?”  We’ll take a fascinating new look at the biblical, historical, and scientific evidence for Creation and the Flood.  Come join us as we study together.

Let Norman know if you would like to order a student book.Is Genesis History

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Keep up with the Days of Love and Lent!


Be present and accounted for by using the February Calendar and our newsletter.

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February Is Heart Havens Month!

hh-month-2018-fb-cover.pngWhat makes your life full and rich? Is it your involvement in church? Your job? Is it the
friends you go to the movies with, or the buddies who come over to watch the football

Could it even be the small choices you make every day, such as what to have
for breakfast or what to watch on TV in the evening? All of these things together are
what fill our lives with joy and keep us engaged in our communities.

Adults with a developmental disability want a life just like yours: a life where they are
part of a community, get to experience the many joys the world has to offer, and make
their own choices. That’s where Heart Havens comes in.

Heart Havens is a Virginia Conference Advance Special mission that provides
residential support to adults with a developmental disability, but it’s so much more than
just providing a house. Heart Havens empowers people to discover what it is they love
and then pursue it.

No matter what the goal is, Heart Havens is all about helping the people they support find a way to make their dreams a reality.

This February, our congregation will lift up Heart Havens Month, a time to both support the Heart Havens mission with our gifts and celebrate the gifts that people with a developmental disability bring to the church. Gifts we collect for Heart Havens allow them to continue providing a vibrant lifestyle for the people they support.

To learn more about Heart Havens and the Heart Havens homes around the Conference, please visit

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