We close the church building today.

Dear members of Laurel Hill UMC!

Snow is coming down outside now at 8:13am in the church parking. It seems to be a heavy snow fall today and tomorrow by the weather forecast. I used to open the service regardless of the weather condition in my former churches. And yet, I made a decision to close the service today that I realized that we have many senior members in Laurel Hill. Closing church building does not mean we do not have the Service. Stay warm and dry inside and pray and praise to the Lord our God with your family members. Have a blessed the Second Advent Sunday! May God bless you all!

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A Christmas letter from the president of Bishop Council, Kenneth H. Carter

Here is a letter from our Bishop Council for greetings of Advent and Christmas to all United Methodist Churches. Kenneth Carter letter

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December News Letter and Calendar

20181127_143017Advent is the season of waiting for the arrival of our Lord. While the first Advent was waited by Jews 2000 years ago, we are waiting for his returning again. We have weekly meditation and prayer with a booklet published by NIV (Zondervan) for    25 days.

We invite you to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ in the season of Advent. Other celebrations are following;

12/2, “Hanging of the Greens” at 11am                                                                                              12/9,  Holy Communion, Bell Choir at 11am,    Children’s Presentation at 6pm                       12/16, Christmas Cantata with Chancel Choir at 11am                                                                   12/24, Christmas Eve Service with Holy Communion  at 7pm                                                     12/31, New Year Eve (Watch-night) service with Candle Lighting at 11:30pm

Please take a look at Newsletter12.18  and Calendar12.18.

Greetings of Advent Season and Merry Christmas to you all!

Yunho Eo, pastor


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November News Letter and Calendar.

Thanksgiving community worship

Hi, there!

Thank you for visiting our website of Laurel Hill UMC!

May God bless you and guide you to the blessings overflown in your life!

We all rejoice farmers’ abundant harvest with this thanksgiving season for God’s providing rain, light, wind, good temperature and right weather for the crops and fruits. It is too much to count all blessings of God toward us.

This season teaches us there is a season of harvest in our life too.                                          Some day, we are all standing before God to show our fruits we bear through our spiritual journey in this world. All in Christ look forward to rejoicing the feast of the heavenly harvest banquet.

We will remember our loved ones on All Saints Sunday (Nov. 4th), celebrate the Veteran’s Sunday Day (Nov. 11), and rejoice all God’s blessings at  Thanksgiving Day.

If you click  Newsletter11.18 and  Calendar11.18   , you can see our activities,  and ministries and missions for November. Thank you. May God bless you abundantly!


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October is the month of Charge Conference.

The fall season starts again the color change of leaves from this month. We are meeting the Charge Conference at 2pm on October 21, 2018 at Duncan Memorial UMC. We have done a transition of the pastoral change and achieved fruitful ministries and misskneelions during the summer season. Now we keep moving toward the God’s ministry with rearranged version of the next year. In Ecclesiastes 1:10, “there is nothing new under the sun.” However, we could seek for the wisdom from the Holy Spirit as well as our church history and Bible study. Please pray for our pastor and our leaders of our church. Calendar.10.18 and nNewsletter10.18  are available here. Click one you want to see from either one.

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September News Letter and Calendar

We are living in the world changed so fast.  But we have to remembers there is the world unchanging and eternal. That world is visible only through the eyes of faith.  Stephen saw the throne of God but the people stoning him did not. Risen Lord was seen to disciples but not to others. On the road to Damascus Paul saw the glory of the Lord but accompanies not. So Hebrews 11:1 says, “Faith is…certain of what we do not see.” Faith will make us see things invisible. So Christians are called as visionaries (Acts 2:17). We are to called to do the ministry of piety and mercy according to John Wesley.

Our children are back to school. New sports season is back. We are facing our challenge and hope for the future.

September is the month of preparation of the Charge Conference. And also there will be fellowship gatherings at several houses of our church members:

* Young Parents Fellowship Lunch at 11:30 at the Parsonage on Sep 8th (Sat)                   * Ladies of Laurel Hill Luncheon at 11:00am at Nancy Henry’s on Sep 11th (Tue)                 * Children’s Church Workers fellowship at Angela and Chris Ragland at 7:00pm                                                  on Sept. 12th (Wed). Please make sure where you are belonging.

Here is the September Newsletter  and Calendar


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August Newsletter & Calendar

polarblastvbsRemember our Vacation Bible School starts August 3rd – 5th and will be here at Laurel Hill.  We look forward to the Polar Blast of sharing just how cool the love of Jesus can be!

Please continue to pray for our pastor for the continued visitation among our members.

To keep up with everything else, please read our August newsletter  and view our church Calendar.

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