Staying Informed

Wanted to keep everyone up to date on some of the ministries we support at Laurel Hill. Here are the July newsletters for CARITASHeart Havens, and UMFS.

Encourage yourself in the Lord today and keep these ministries in your prayers.caritas1  hearthavens UMFS

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Laying a Foundation of Repentance

If anyone wants to live in the right direction, this is always the starting point. If anyone wants to build themselves up as a spiritual house, a dwelling place for the Spirit, then the foundation …

Source: Laying a Foundation of Repentance

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Framing Your Spiritual House

cornerstone Isaiah 28: 16 tells us :”So this is what the Sovereign LORD says: ‘See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who relies on it will never be stricken with panic’.” Jesus is that cornerstone. In Acts 4: 11, the Apostle Peter says, “Jesus is  ‘the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone’.”  Once, Jesus is the cornerstone of our lives what does our life look like?  If we are being built upon that sure foundation of Jesus, laid out by the apostles and prophets how is the structure of our life framed?

Turn to Hebrews 6 where we find this framework using the pathway of grace template. If you are not familiar with this template I direct you to read Moving at the Speed of Grace or one of our other books like More than Breathing to learn more about it.

The template for framing our lives follows this path:

  1. Laying a foundation of repentance from dead works
  2. Faith in God
  3. Instruction about baptisms
  4. Laying on of hands
  5. The resurrection of the dead
  6. Eternal judgment

Tomorrow, we’ll come back and give substance to each step in the process and Sunday, we’ll share it again. See you then!

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July Newsletter and Calendar

Here is the newsletter and Calendar for July!wethepeople

Remember what Thomas Jefferson and others have said: “The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Pray for our country and for the awakening we need from the Lord. Pray also, for the delegates from the United Methodist Church that will be electing bishops in the month of July.

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Celebrate Varina!

doreyparkSaturday, June 4th from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, you are invited to Celebrate Varina! at Dorey Park. Celebrate Varina! is sponsored by the Varina Ruritan Club and is hosted by the Henrico Parks and Recreation Department.

If you can share the joy and kindness of Jesus and your appreciation and love for Laurel Hill UMC, Laurel Hill UMC Weekday School and our Varina Community, call Peggy Singlemann and let her know you can help be an ambassador for Laurel Hill for whatever part of the day you can.  Thanks

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June Newsletter & Calendar

2016Annual-ConferenceJune marks the beginning of summer for most of us. For a United Methodist preacher, June marks the end of one ministry year and the anticipation of renewing an appointment to ministry for the future. Pray and participate fully as we move forward together. Keep up with things with our Newsletter and Calendar.

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Thank You for Your General Conference Prayers

Dear Friends:

2016gclogoprayThank you for your prayers for the United Methodist’s General Conference which concluded May 20th. I’ll let Rev. Rob Renfroe, teaching pastor at The Woodlands Church in Texas and President of Good News share a video summary of what happened and what may lie ahead for the United Methodist Church. I also invite you to share a multitude of perspectives from others at

Again, thank you for your prayers and let us continue to pursue the high calling of God in Jesus Christ!

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