Finishing 2016, Starting 2017

How can you make the end of a year a point of breakthrough instead of just a place you start over? Realize God is drawing us forward to repentance. Now is not the time to substitute regret for things undone with repentance of dead works. When we repent, we are aligning ourselves with the new grace and mercy God is giving us today.

What’s the one thing God is fervently stirring you to do? Let every other resolution or goal reflect that priority. You may pursue multiple goals but what you won’t let yourself do is change the order of those goals until God commands you to do it. I’ll repeat that to remind you: We may pursue multiple goals but we won’t change the order of those goals unless God commands us.

Don’t fall into the trap of your day determining your actions. Instead, let’s make sure our actions determine the day! And, let’s make sure our actions reflect our priority.

Remember, God has assured us of the Holy Spirit’s guidance and the instruction of His Word to conform us into the image of His Dear Son. Let us remember to follow.

Norman Ramsey

P.S. Don’t fall into the trap of having priorities – plural. Have a priority. Do it first and then everything else can get in line after that.seekfirst

P.S.S. Read the Laurel Hill United Methodist Church January newsletter and calendar.

P.S.S.S. Read the Norman Ramsey Ministries 2016 Year End newsletter and be blessed as you move into 2017!

About laurelhillumc

Laurel Hill United Methodist Church is rich in history as a church family committed to a life in Christ. We began in the heart of Varina almost 150 years ago; the church has grown through its existence as a church-hospital in the Civil War, as a circuit church, and survived a disastrous fire which destroyed the sanctuary about 50 years ago. Then, dedicated, Spirit-filled Christians worked hard together to build a new sanctuary. That hard work has continued with many new improvements including a new addition connecting the sanctuary and educational building, the installation of an elevator providing total accessibility throughout both buildings, remodeling the education building and the installation of 18 stained glass windows. Faithful clergy and laity ministering together have established a legacy of dedication and service which enables Laurel Hill to be a beacon of light in our community, in our world and to all who follow for generations to come. In response to the needs of the Varina community, Laurel Hill United Methodist Church also operates the Laurel Hill Weekday School. These programs are an active part of the life and ministry of Laurel Hill UMC. We accept the opportunity through our morning Preschool and After School child care to share our values of love, caring, cooperation and forgiveness. The Church and child care programs work together to enhance the spiritual, mental and physical growth of children in our community. Our worship services are held each Sunday with a contemporary service at 8:45am and a traditional service at 11:00am. Sunday School begins at 9:45am. Call our office (804) 795-2772 for Bible Study times and other ministry opportunities.
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