One Reason to Rejoice

give thanksCan you name at least one way God is at work in your life right now?  It doesn’t have to be something complicated or humongous. It could be a simple kindness or a single word of encouragement. Whatever it is, take the time to give thanks to the Lord.

Find out more about acting on one thing God wants for you or that you want from God by reading November’s newsletter or keep up with things happening at Laurel Hill and in our community by checking the calendar for November.


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Are You Committed to the Lord?

octoberOctober is a special month for Laurel Hill.  It is a month to gauge and grow in our commitment to the Lord.  It is a month when we will celebrate Laity Sunday, October 8th in both services. It is a month when we will host our annual Charge Conference with seven other churches participating on October 15th!

It is also the month for collecting books, DVD’s, and stuffed animals for our ministry partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Richmond and the Pediatric Emergency Room.  Make sure you’re helping and participating in this great outreach.

Also, at the end of the month, on the 28th, Laurel Hill will have a Fall Festival for our children and our families.  Find out all about it in the newsletter and get it on your schedule as you check the monthly Calendar.

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Raised Up in September

harveyreliefOur world is showing it’s need for Jesus Christ more and more every day.  Whether we are facing civil unrest or natural disasters, we are being called upon by the Lord to be raised up and counted during the month of September.  We are the church, the body of Christ, commissioned as the Lord’s representatives in the earth.

This begins with our commitment to share the good news of Jesus Christ through word, deed, and sign.  This involves demonstrating our love for people in concrete and honest ways.  Invite your friends and neighbors to worship with you as we find fresh wisdom from God’s ancient source of truth, the Holy Scriptures this month.

Join us in supporting those devastated by Hurricane Harvey through UMCOR and see the five ways you can help right now. Remember also, September is Hunger Awareness Month and the Society of Saint Andrew asks for our involvement including participating in the Virginia Day of Action, Friday September 29, 2017.

Plus, here is our September Calendar and newsletter.

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Our Missions and Ministries in Bloom!

flower-power-fundraisingYou can begin your support of our Missions and Ministries Fundraiser right now by going online and  placing your order.

Join us as our spirit blossoms helping those in need. Working together we will successfully support missions and ministries outreach in our community, state and throughout the world. This summer and early fall the goal is to raise $6000 through the new “Missions and Ministries in Bloom” fundraiser. Laurel Hill United Methodist is a church with a focus on growing our faith in the Lord while helping the least of our brothers and sisters. (Matthew 25:40) Join us and order today!

Tell your friends all about it and let’s work together to bring Missions and Ministries into Bloom!

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Let’s Pray!

prayerWednesday)Tonight, we gather in the sanctuary starting at 7:00 PM to pray.


After prayer time, you are welcome to join the Outreach Committee as we meet together.

Laurel Hill UMC is located at 1919 New Market Road (Route 5) in Varina, VA between I-895 and I-295.

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August Newsletter and Calendar

augustHere is your August newsletter and Calendar.


Come, let us receive from the Lord the strength to persevere!

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Baptismal Service Following Sunday Service

baptism 5This coming Sunday, July 30th, you’re invited to share in the baptismal service for Lily Walton, Henry Horne, and Tripp Walton following our 11:00 AM service.  We will process from Laurel Hill to Varina on the James where each confirmand will confess their faith in Jesus Christ and enter into this new relationship with Christ in baptism.

Dying to themselves, they will rise in newness of life to serve the Lord. You are asked to come and renew your commitment of faith and pledge your faith and help to those newly baptized.

We’ll see you Sunday at Laurel Hill then drive down Varina Road to Varina on the James for our service.

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